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W Services incorporates the most up to date technologies to keep a constant eye on their customers. By incorporating mobile technologies and high-speed communications we are constantly monitoring all jobs in order to keep you as satisfied as possible.


We have made a substantial investment in our facilities maintenance technology infrastructure. Our systems are proprietary and designed specifically for the management and oversight of services within the facility maintenance industry. Our development team has been designing technology for the Nationwide Facility Maintenance industry for over 20 years. The technology integrates all faucets of work order management, client, location and vendor communications, interfaces with third party providers such as Service Channel via a real-time XML link, monitors and maintains vendor compliance records and handles all vendor payables as well as client billing.


Our technology supports:


  •  location tracking technologyLocation Tracking System- Features like Warrantee Tracking, Intelligent Sub-Contractor Assignments, Notes Tracking, Document and Picture retention as well as a host of other technologies assist our managers in ensuring clients and locations receive the most from their Facility Maintenance provider
  • Real-time Handheld Technology- Our technology is on-the-go. Our data is accessible via hand held mobile devices. This allows our work order managers and our field staff to access key Facility Maintenance information in real-time.
  • Intelligent Work Crew Assignments- The ability to harness vast amounts of historical information combined with the ability to utilize this information to make informed decisions regarding your locations services is paramount in assigning the right vendor for a particular service. Most of our competitors relay solely on geography when deciding on a vendor, our technology takes it steps further. Our technology incorporates the following technologies when assigning a contractor for a service:
    • Commercial Driving Time
    • Vendor Score Carding
    • Geography
    • Compliance
  • location tracking technologyComprehensive Compliance Tracking- Our industry is consistently working to maintain contractor compliance information. This information must be maintained and actively and aggressively managed to ensure vendor compliance at all times. Our technology works in many levels to actively maintain compliance records. Assignments to work orders are only allowed after compliance ratings have been met.  Real-time reports are sent to compliance staff listing all contractorrs that will need revised documents 90 days in advance.
  • Interface with Third Party XML Link- Our technology is linked with third party service providers via an XML real-time interface. All updates made to our database is automatically sent to the corresponding third party provider instantly. This means all information updated and maintained within the W Services technology systems are synchronized with your third party provider. For a list of third party provider interfaces, please ask your client representative.
  • Client and Vendor Web Portals- In our ongoing efforts to maintain transparent record keeping systems all of the information manages and maintained within our systems are available to our clients and their respective locations via our client web portal. The ability to add work order requests, add notes and review all services performed or scheduled for any or all of your locations is available via a simple to use web portal. In addition to the client web portal, our vendors have access to similar information via a simple to use Vendor Web Portal.


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