W Services HistoryOur organization’s doors may have opened for business in 2009, but our history and tradition begins and dates back over 30 years. Early in the 70’s my grandfather William introduced the Whelan family to the floor cleaning business by starting a small floor cleaning operation. Shortly thereafter, my father Lawrence and Uncle William, who both worked for the company, took over the full operations and created Whelan’s Carpet in 1975. Whelan’s, as it became known, was a local residential carpet store providing both installation and maintenance services to the Long Island community. As years passed, the company began to rapidly grow and develop a national footprint, with my mother Debi and Aunt Mary joining the operation. Together, the family molded the organization into one of the leading national facility maintenance companies in the country. Furthermore, they created an organization that was well respected, known for superior services, and provided best in class customer service. Through its height of success, and subsequent sale and acquisition, Whelan’s never wavered from helping their clients achieve their goals and making their brands shine.


The ethics and morals of Whelan’s were deeply rooted in its culture and staff. As a 16 year employee I worked diligently at learning the family business and the ethical, high moral business practices became an integral part of my makeup. As the company maneuvered through its sale and acquisition, I completed my MBA and realized that there was only one path to follow. Armed with the tools for success and the passion to lead, I set off to create an organization that would be “The Next Generation in Facilities Expertise.”


On December 4th, 2009, W Services Group, LLC, opened its doors for business serving the commercial community. Since opening our doors, it has been our intention to be the leader in facilities maintenance by providing a functional yet innovative approach to service customization through a client centric business model. As a leading innovator and executor of both cleaning and flooring services, W Services has quickly evolved into becoming the go to company for its clients.   In addition to being a great service provider, W Services is best known for truly partnering with our clients to achieve their facilities goals and objectives while offering our expertise with any operational challenges. We understand that no one organization is perfect, but those who assess, correct, and overcome without hesitation are the ones who build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.


CEO Matthew WhelanAs a company, we know that our success is not possible without complete focus on client satisfaction. We carefully consider our clients’ every need and objective in all decision making processes. W Services Group will never waiver from this standard and commitment to our business partners.


Founder, CEO, and President,

Matthew Lawrence Whelan


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The Next Generation In Facilities Expertise